Stop wasting time on multiple tools to run your business

Supercharge your business with an all-in-one, fully-customized, integrated platform. Run your productivity apps and manage clients all under one roof.

Highly Reliable and Performant  

CRM Contacts

Easy CRM application to run everyday business and assign project to teams or staff based on role. Use CRM intake forms to add prospects. 

Project Management

Collaborate with your team and clients in a secure environment. Easily track project milestones and automate the entire workflow.

Task Management

Automate routine tasks related to projects and track tasks using a widget in dashboard. Delegate tasks and view the progress easily.

Calendar & Appointments

Schedule appointments with clients and easily view all project deadlines and upcoming tasks. Just drag & drop to alter start & end dates.

Secure Client Portal

Provide a safe & secure login to your clients with your url, brand identity and send automated emails. Fully customizable and user-friendly. 

Encrypted Messaging

Manage Messaging both with internal teams and external clients from one portal. Setting up automated responses is a piece of cake. 

Progressive Web App

Enable mobility to your client communication via both Desktop and Mobile Apps. Works in all platforms, OS and devices. 

Billing & Time Tracking

Send proposals, estimates, invoices and track time all in one portal. Exchange files with your clients and never waste time searching for them. 

Create, Manage, Store and Share all project documents with massive 1TB storage space

Instantly download Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps from browser and use it anywhere, anytime

All your everyday apps and files in one portal, enables you to run your business from single browser tab

Pick the plan that works.

With Median, you get the power of both prductivity and management apps to run your business smoothly and efficiently.



All-in-one MEDIAN Business Automation Software
Option to add your own branding
Unlimited CRM Contacts
Unlimited Team Members
Unlimited Projects
Appointment Scheduling
Secure Client Portals
Secure File transfer 
Email Marketing Toolkit
Progressive Web Application
Desktop and Mobile App
SSL Secure
1 TB Storage
One-time setup fee and VAT not included


Everything in Enterprise Plan included
7-10 page website design & development
Website Hosting
SSL Secure website
1-year license for ESET Internet Security
6 months min contract term
One-time setup fee and VAT not included

All toolkits that you'd ever need to run your dream business.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a having 100's of employees and clients, Median fits the bill. 

Don’t take our word for it. Here is actual feedback from our customers.

"I didn't realize how much time I've been wasting jumbling around multiple apps to run my business until I met Median. Great feedback from clients for the portal."

- Jon Hill

  Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

No contract. No obligation. You will be billed on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the billing cycle you choose.

Absolutely not! The pricing is a flat monthly fee and it includes UNLIMITED contacts, teammates and projects.

There are multiple secure Payment Gateway options available for you. Your clients can choose any of them that you made available for them to pay. 

The monthly plan comes with a massive 1TB file storage space. It is not only safe and secure, it can also be extended further* if required. 

Why not book a demo with us? 

We welcome you to see the product in action before making up your mind. Feel free to get in touch with us to book a demo! 

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